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COLLEAGUE (Painting Version)

At the first time I was introduced her at the office, I thought that all I had to do was greeting. However, she ordered me to attend phone-calls although she knew that it was hardly to understand Spanish well for me...My God.
One night we took off for some beer together after job. I was surprised at seeing her drink and drink several glasses of tequila at that time. Finally `I'm bringin' you to your house by my pickup.' said she. On the way back, she lost and lost our way...Gee.
She invited me to her house one day. When she called me, I stood up from the sofa and walked to the direction of her voice. Then she said `Not there.' and took me to the rear of the house so I was flustered. But after following her, we arrived at nowhere but a room with TV to watch her favorite soap opera and to have lunch...That is how it goes.
As she had cut her hair, and changed its color to blond, I made a great mistake that I said `How cute you're!' as a flattery. She spread it all of the people around her...Sigh.
She had not worked several days. She spit out the words `I ain't gonna work here any more.' and left the office after she had gotten quarrel with her manager. During her absent days, I had never shaved. When she turned back the office, she asked me `What's wrong?' after she gave me a hug. I answered `A message, how wish you were here.' Then she stated flat out that `Well, I'm here. Shave 'em as a favor.' ...I am all broken up.
When we faced off after her husband's funeral, she tried to fake a smile and murmured me `From now on, I'm alone. I can get a new sweetheart, can't I?' ...Go ahead.
She had never used English but Spanish or Italian. `I'd studied English for two years in the U.S. but I couldn't dominate it at all.' explained she. (These dialogues between us were spoken in Spanish actually.) However, she must be able to speak English...I bet.
We often used to get spats together. I have to appreciate her to teach me Spanish conversation through them more than that I have ever thought...Thanks.
Say, I respect her work and herself. It will not be easy to chance to meet her again in future. But whenever and wherever I should encounter her, even in the 23rd century on the other planet, I could recognize her success...I believe.
Lady Luck was sure with me as I could meet her, work with her, and laugh with her in La Ceiba where I had gotten to without any knowledge. OR SHE MAY BE VERY LADY LUCK.
When I asked her to permit to write about her on this page of mine, she gave me one condition, Including following sentence. `She is looking for a new steady. If you think you are well off and young, please write your name on this page.' ...Hey! Got me?
Time passes all too quickly. I have to finish my mission with her, who is short-minded, courageous, and presumptuous but pampered, and to leave La Ceiba soon. Memories made with her will never increase any more...


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